Current List of Russell House Needs October 2014

In efforts to provide victims with basic items, Russell House is currently in need of the following items:

Extra Special: Halloween costumes for children of all ages donated this October.

1) Women’s needs
Underwear (new only)
**Casual clothing (t-shirts & sweatpants)
*Slippers & flip flops
***Scrubs (sizes medium & XL)
*Coats & jackets
Women’s sweat tops & pants, or scrub tops & pants, in sizes Medium & XL.

2) Boys’ needs
Underwear (new only)
**Clothes (sizes for elementary & middle school boys)
Slippers & flip flops
*Coats & jackets

3) Girls’ needs
Underwear (new only)
Slippers & flip flops
*Coats & jackets

4) Baby needs
Pack n play
**Baby wipes
Diapers (sizes 3 or 4 or 5 or 6)
*Diaper rash cream

5) General needs
Pillows (new only)
Twin sheets
**Twin blankets
Toilet paper

Urgent needs have *. Items not on this list may not be needed at this time.

If you are interested in helping to provide these items to Russell House, you can contact the Russell House at 573-364-0579 or drop these items off at the Fellowship during times we are open. The Fellowship is open 10:30 am to Noon Sundays we have service.

If you drop items off at the Fellowship, please make sure they are non-perishable.

Fresh food donations can be given to the Russell House via Nature Girls Health Food Store. For more details, contact Nature Girls at the following number: 573-341-1919.

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