Property MTN & Use Policy

The building and grounds are maintained by the fellowship. This page outlines tasks for regular members to care for the property, as well as a use policy for anyone who wishes to use the property outside of service times.


Here is a list of supplies that we need. Many of these, we need the item in general, not a specific brand. At this moment this is a test list, dont buy anything!

We have ground maintenance covered, thanks to some of our lovely members! Once a year, We do a big spring cleaning as the last service before the summer. Recently, the person who was doing weekly cleaning stepped down, so this page will help organize what needs to be done.

We are proposing to have the snack person be a host. The duties of a host include:

  • adjust temperature
  • start coffee and kettle
  • vacuum / sweep
  • Cleaning

Use Policy

The UU’s love to see the building and grounds used to connect people and provide a space for others to explore spirituality and religion! Here is what we ask of anyone who wishes to use the property:

  • Get approval from the UU fellowship
  • Turn off anything you turn on
  • Close all doors and windows when you leave
  • Treat this house as your home, with love, respect and care
  • Donation of a few dollars is appreciated, if turning on heat or AC, it is highly requested
  • Take out what you take in (don’t leave trash)
  • Leave the house how you find it – if you move something, move it back.

To ga b, talk to a member of the group about what you want to use the building for.