Facebook: We have a Facebook Page and a newly started Facebook group! The Facebook page posts inspirational / spiritual / humorous content and the upcoming Sunday service, and the group is a way for the Adults / Parents / Grandparents to connect and provide support to each other!

UU Youth Group: On the second Sunday of every month our service will be more orientated to those that are young in age and young in heart! Recently group members started meeting in the UU house for a playdate with their young children! Every Friday from 9:30am-1pm. Updates will be posted on the Facebook group and on their google calendar, which can easily be added to your personal calendar on your phone/computer. Follow this guide and look for calendar. Updates will also be on the main page of this website under Upcoming events. If using mobile, scroll down and make sure you are viewing the full page!

Community events

The local Baha’i group has a youth group that meets at various locations, including the Fellowship House, on every first Sunday of the month.

Another way to connect is through LGBTQ+ Rolla, a local organization that has regular social events. If you find that UU is like a home, you are welcome at LGBTQ+ Rolla events, even if you do not identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community! They post information about events on their website, Facebook Group, and other social media platforms which are featured on their website.

Recently a group member of LGBTQ+ Rolla started a regular meeting for meditation and discussion on Thursday evenings, 6-8pm. Locations and topics vary, see LGBTQ+ Rolla for details.

Other Upcoming Community events will be featured on our calender under the title External Events. Speak to a calender manager to have an event added!