Preserving the History of the Fellowship, February 15th, 2015

In celebration of our Jubilee Year, the Fellowship its taking proactive measures to preserve our history and continue our traditions. On this Sunday, we work on two projects.

A Written History of the Fellowship: Current and former members of the fellowship are encouraged to write or type down their favorite memories of UUFR. The goal is not so much to write a formal history of the Fellowship. It is to capture, preserve, and share with future UUFR members what has made us a special place over time.This is for the memories that make you smile and glad UUFR was or is a part of your life. These submissions will be put in a binder and added to the Fellowship’s library to ensure that the history of the Fellowship is preserved.

An Online History of the Fellowship: The goal of this project is the same as the goal above, except that members and former members who use to participate will record five- to seven-minute videos of their favorite memories. You can find this channel on our website at the following address:

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