Lydia’s Garden 04/20/2013

This week’s update of Lydia’s Garden includes some lovely flowers and a picture of our new neighbor, a garden snake kindly eating up garden pests.

IMG_3031  IMG_3030

IMG_3033  IMG_3034

IMG_3035  IMG_3036

IMG_3038  IMG_3039

IMG_3040  IMG_3042

Photos by Travis Ferrell

2 thoughts on “Lydia’s Garden 04/20/2013

  1. Lovely pictures! The narcissus with single flowers at the top of a stem are some of the ones you find out in the countryside at old house places, called “Old Pheasant Eye.”. The ones with several gold-centered white flowers at the top of each stem are a variety called “Geranium,” which is also very tough and prolific. Hoorah for the garter snake–always a plus in the garden.

  2. I see that the old/former concrete porch has been replaced by a wooden deck. I remember my Mom cutting my hair outside on that concrete back porch. My first chicken coup was on the side of the porch facing the (now enclosed) lower level/basement garage. And the tree that held my treehouse is no more. Sad….

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