Work Like A UU 06/01/2013

Thank you to everyone who came to the Fellowship June 1st to assist with the removal of the carpet in preparation to refinish the hardwood floor.

Steve will let us know when the next work day is. Also, there will be a few days when no one should enter the Fellowship because of drying polyurethane. We will keep everyone informed. The goal is to have the project completed before July.

Note of caution, the vents are exposed. Do not let young children into the Fellowship unsupervised. Everyone with children has been informed.

Work Like A UU 008 Work Like A UU 006 Work Like A UU 001

Work Like A UU 004 Work Like A UU 005

Work Like A UU 003 Work Like A UU 002

Photos by Connie Roberts

One thought on “Work Like A UU 06/01/2013

  1. It seems a shame to cover up those beautiful wood floors! I cannot remember if my parents had carpet down or not. I suspect not…they simply could not have afforded it. Having lived at 608 East 11th Street for 4 years in the 1950’s – I was saddened to also see that the original stone back porch (done in the same stone as the house) was demolished and a wooden deck put up in its place. Oh well….”it is what it is.”
    Dr. Douglas S. Shearer/Yakima, WA

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