New “Work Like A UU” Photos

It helps when you know what you are doing…Steve has refinished hardwood floors in the past and is leading this project at the UUFR. These pictures are from our second Work Day at the Fellowship. Thanks for your leadership on this issue, Steve. 

Work Day 017 Work Day 016

Work Day 015 Work Day 013

Work Day 011 Work Day 014

Work Day 009 Work Day 010

Work Day 012 Work Day 009

Photographs by Connie Roberts

3 thoughts on “New “Work Like A UU” Photos

  1. The re-working of the floor looks nice! It reminds me of when I and my family lived there from 1951 through August of 1955. so many of my childhood memories are connected with that stone house. I was saddened to see that the large tree immediately off to the right of the (then stone back porch) wooden deck is no longer there. My Dad built me a treehouse in that tree, complete with sides.
    Thanks for the photos. Regards, Dr. Douglas S. Shearer (“””

  2. Dr. Shearer, thats amazing that you lived in the house! How did you find this site? I am the guilty party on the floors…there are still a few large trees in the back yard but they are further behind the rear porch close to the property line. If you are in Rolla, feel free to visit us on Sundays.

    • I certainly will stop by when I re-visit Rolla. I can still picture in my mind how I used to walk up 11th Street, across the train tracks, cut through the old School of Mines and then end up at St. Patrick Elementary School. We left Rolla in late summer of 1955, and headed to Dayton, Ohio. I am sorry that the big tree right outside the back door is gone. And sadly, the old stone back porch is gone also/replaced by a ‘modern’ wooden deck. My Mom used to cut my hair on that stone back porch. How did I find this your site? Pure luck, I guess. Cannot remember…perhaps I ‘googled” my old address. There are a lot of memories of my formative years stored in that old stone house. I bet I could still feel the “spirits” that resided there. It is, indeed, a “sacred” house.

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