One thought on “A Lovely New Picture From Connie 11/09/2013

  1. I enjoyed this photo of the ‘stone house.’ I could see that the lower end of East 11th Street is now paved. It was not when my family lived there in the mid 1950’s. My Dad would hit softballs to me, and I would run on the (then) gravel-paved portion of the street, often running off the street, jumping the little gulley, and into the brush-laden side field, trying to hit his fly balls . I assume that those empty spaces on either side of the road are now filled in with houses. Some of my Rolla Daily News customers lived on East 11th Street. Remember them well. How about a photo shot or two of the street, from the middle of the street in front of the house, up 11th Street? I recall walking up that street every day, on my way to St. Patrick School, through the School of Mines campus. Oh, how things change!
    Dr. Doug Shearer/Yakima, WA

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