Basement Clean-Up Day at the Fellowship 05/31/2014


Thanks to Ralph and David for helping to clean up the basement today. We made light work of it because of you both.

Photograph by Travis Ferrell

2 thoughts on “Basement Clean-Up Day at the Fellowship 05/31/2014

  1. I remember the basement very well! We left this stone house in the summer of 1955, for Dayton (Fairborn) Ohio. I recall the old coal-burning furnace that we had. We had a coal shoot which delivered the coal to a small, enclosed room next to the furnace. My Dad had built some wooden workbenches directly next to the stairs leading to the basement. I had my baby chicks (under heat lamps) in the middle of the basement. Mom had a shelf or two to place the canning/preserving of various things. When warm enough, we placed the chicks outside, in a fenced in area adjacent to the garage door and to the left of (what was then) the stone back porch. It was tricky parking the car in the parking space (basement level) as one had to godown a rather steep incline. One time, I accidentally released the handbrake on our old Studebaker, resulting in the car rolling down the incline, hitting the garage door, but not breaking it. All in all…memories of the past, of a house, a time, and a town long ago.
    Too bad the stone back porch was removed. Its removal detracts from the character of this house.
    Dr. Doug

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