UUFR Halloween Party 10/19/2014 Part 1

We had a blast. We can’t even fit all the pictures into one post! Thanks to Connie for throwing a grand, good time with food, fun, friends, prizes, and laughter! Thanks to everyone who dressed up as well!





2 thoughts on “UUFR Halloween Party 10/19/2014 Part 1

  1. I do not think my parents or I ever put up any Halloween (i.e., All Hallow’s Eve…in a religious/historical context) decorations in front of that stone house at 608 East 11th Street. I remember going ‘trick or treating’ up and down East 11th Street, and a few houses ‘over the tracks.’ The Blinney’s house (his Dad owned Blinney Construction) and the “big house” at the top of East 11th Street (owned by the parents of a slight friend of mine named Timmy Thomas). What is it called now?? And, of course, to the “castle on East 12th Street. Why did they tear it down, anyway? So many memories, some 59 years ago. Enjoy the real meaning of “Halloween,” similar to the Hispanic holiday of “Dia de Los Muertos,” eh?
    Dr. Douglas Shearer

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