Banned Books Week 2014 09/21/2014

Yesterday, UUFR had a wonderful celebration of our Freedom to Read, in celebration of Banned Books Week. This year, we had a big turnout and read Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Albert Camus, Vladimir Nabokov, Thomas Jefferson, Martha Stout, and many more.

We advertised our Read-In in the “Rolla Daily News,” online, and on KMNR. We also had the Fellowship’s letter to the editor published in the “Rolla Daily News.” Thank you to everyone who participated!





UUFR Movie Night 09/19/2014


Last night, Sept. 19th, UUFR had are biggest draw to a movie night ever. We watched “F–k: A Documentary,” which is a very good film about profanity, the f-word, and freedom of speech. We also had a feast! Thank you to everyone who came. The movie is now available from the UUFR Library for checkout.

UUFR Garden Plots at the Rolla Community Garden Update 09/07/2014

Did some watering and weed whacking at the UUFR Garden Plots at the Rolla Community Garden and discovered our sunflowers, although no longer being visited by bees, are feeding many birds.

Unfortunately, they knew I was watching and flew off whenever I tried to get a picture. Here is what I could get. I don’t know birds, but some were yellow, some blue, and one was a hummingbird. — Travis



Fall Session at the Fellowship starts Sunday, September 7th!


Just two more weeks, regular services begin. On Sunday September 7 the annual in-gathering of waters program and pot luck meal will start this year of our jubilation. The program committee has cooked up some very interesting programs leading up to a grand 50th anniversary celebration to come next spring. Please join us. Coffee time starts at 10:30 and service/program begins promptly at 11:00 a. m.